The Meade Autostar Suite
and LPI
(Lunar Planetary Imager)
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Autostar Suite is a software package that contains a planetarium program and can be used for image processing, telescope control, autostar updating, tour list creation and more. The LPI is basically a web cam which, when coupled with Autostar Suite provides features such as assisted focusing, exposures from .001 to 15 seconds, autoguiding and can automatically take multiple exposures - select the best and align and combine them into one superior image.

There is alot of support on the Meade site for the Autostar Suite and LPI including downloads of manuals, updates and more information.

Autostar Suite Main Page | LPI Main Page | LPI Manual PDF | Image Processing Manual PDF | Autostar Suite Manual PDF

The LPI is equivalent to a 6mm eyepiece which allows telescopes such as the ETX70 to take pictures which would be more difficult with large scopes. Larger scopes however will always excel at planetary pics. The ETX70's 494 controller will allow control by the planetarium part of Autostar Suite (slew to etc...) but to autoguide or use the autostar control panel in the software will require a 497 controller. To connect a standard ETX70 494 controller will require a 506 cable (not a 505 as supplied with the LPI).

Starry Night users may prefer to control the scope as normal and only run the LPI Imaging section of Autostar Suite. It works fine in this way (494 or 497 controller).

Here a couple of my first pics with the LPI taken with an ETX70 and a x2 barlow ... sky conditions were poor to fair.

To view more Autostar Suite/LPI pics taken with the ETX70 goto the Gallery

Don't forget that the LPI will work with various other products such as barlows and filters Accessories/Modifications

I've made an adapter for the Meade 07361 Variable Projection Camera Adapter to enable eyepiece projection with the Meade LPI - you can view details HERE

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Some people have reported an error during installation of the Autostar Suite software - 'Invalid RPC stub' error message. Apparently this can occur during installation of many programs. More information.

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