This Website is dedicated to the Meade ETX-70 telescope. The relatively low cost of this scope and its features make it a very popular choice for telescope buyers, many of which are new to astronomy. The site is intended to help everyone get the most out of this wonderful scope, however there is plenty of content that would be interest anyone keen on astronomy. The accessories section has reference to various pieces of equipment suitable for many different scopes, as well as information on various telescopes.

The site outlines how I have solved problems I have had, these may or may not suit your situation or may or may not be the best solution. They are provided here for your consideration so you can determine what you can expect from the ETX70 or maybe come up with better ideas ….. ENJOY!!!!

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Like most people, a major concern for me was the budget - we'd all like our own personal Hubble Space Telescope orbiting the earth but most of us need to compromise. Armed with an idea of price I then looked at what I wanted out of a scope. A keen stargazer in my early years, I had a fair idea of finding my way around the heavens and also knew the realism that most of the bright colourful images you see are only achievable photographically, through time exposures and stacking many images and/or tweaking them - what I should expect through the eyepiece is a lack of colour - smaller magnification and a blurrier image.
The next point I considered was portability - I wanted to be able to pack it up, store it and move to various locations easily. The list was narrowing. Time constraints meant that I couldn't expect hours on end viewing so ease of use came into play - the thought moving the scope and then continually trying to keep the object centred while everyone had their turn looking didn't really appeal, so I liked the idea of a motorized scope.
With the price still firmly in my mind the list narrowed further - my kids (ok and me!) getting more impatient - which is a factor in it's self. This is where the "GO TO" concept impressed me - no star charts (unless you wished) ... just select the object, press go to and then get any relevant information you need - size, distance etc... what could be easier! And an interest in computers made me see the potential of a computer interface in the future.
So I'd determined I wanted a small, robotic scope that didn't need to have complex mounting (although this could be added later). The list was certainly getting smaller - enter the Meade ETX range, the only one at the time that fitted my budget and requirement list. Of these the ETX-70 was just right - with room for a few accessories. The ETX90 and above were magnificent, but just that little bit out of range. I realised the scopes limitations, but like most other things I tend to push what I have to get the most out of it - and if an upgrade comes I would have learnt enough to get the most out of the next one!
Years on the ETX-70 is still going, the kids are still interested as am I ... and I'm still learning new ways to get more out of this scope!
The ETX-70AT came standard with the 9mm and 25mm eyepieces and Autostar #494 handbox.
What you can expect from a stock standard ETX70 looking at the moon through
25mm or 9mm lens.
(Note that the images will appear alot clearer and sharper than the cheap digital camera could reproduce here).

Mike Weasner's comments - Author of Weasners Mighty ETX Website - MAGNIFICENT SITE!
John Chuckney's Experiences - John talks about his ETX70 experiences


Here is a list of items I have added to my ETX70.
They consist of ACCESSORIES I have purchased or MODIFICATIONS I have made.
After more astronomy products?
The links below will let you browse, price or buy from a variety of vendors
Telescopes | Eyepieces | Filters/Dewshields | Barlows/Prisms/Viewfinders | Tripods/Cases | Photography | Computer Control | Books | Other

Click to search for ETX products on Ebay - Pick up a bargain on EBAY!
Scopetronix ETX70 Accessories - A good supporter of the ETX70!
Filters - Reviews on various filters
Eyepieces - Reviews on various eyepieces
Tech Tips (various etx models) - from Mike Weasners ETX site
ETX60/70 accessories - from BC&F Astro Engineering
Telescopes and Astronomy Store - Online store in South Australia
AstroOptical - Store in Sydney and Melbourne


Following are helpful hints/technical information on the ETX70.
ETX Tune Up - Tuning up your ETX
Autostar Schematic - Inside the Autostar handbox
Inside the ETX70 - A look inside the ETX70
ETX70 Manual - Right Click to download a PDF ETX70 Manual
Cleaning Lenses - Cleaning Eyepiece and Telescope Optics
Don't forget to check the ITEMS FOR SALE section to see if I have any maintenance items for sale!


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