Like most people I was keen to try a few photographs through the ETX70 and I done a bit of research regarding this. At that point of time it was difficult to obtain the Meade #64ST photo adapter which screws on the photo port, however I decided on this particular adapter for other reasons which are outlined below.

THE MEADE 07361 Variable-Projection Camera Adapter (1.25")

There are some disadvantages however - you cannot flip the mirror and view through an eyepiece unless you have a #933 45 erecting prism on the photo tube - a minor thing since you do have through the lens viewing on an SLR anyway. When doing full projections with the tube way open it definately disturbs the centre of balance of the scope and can make the motors struggle if you are not careful.

The picture at right shows the adapter on the scope. Notice the cable release on the camera too (essential!). It should be fairly obvious from this pic that you should use common sense when using this set up. It has worked well for me - especially lunar close ups which are short exposure (max of a few seconds) - I definately would not leave the scope unattended for hours on end leaving the motor trying to track with the weight of the camera assembly pulling on it from some obsure angle. When using without projection (just the barrel on the t-mount) it is alot more stable and the camera sits just above the eyepiece holder.

Ok what can you expect (approx) -




This image was taken with the ETX70AT with a 2x barlow, no projection and shows the size of the moon on a standard 6x4 print.

1/500 second on 200asa film

The image was taken with the ETX70AT in alt/az mode, Pentax K1000 with cable release




This image was taken with the ETX70AT, standard Meade 9mm eyepiece, 2x barlow and maximum projection using the Meade 07361 Variable Projection Camera Adapter.

Size is as it appears on a standard 6x4 print.

200asa film 2 seconds exposure

The image was taken with the ETX70AT in alt/az mode, Pentax K1000 with cable release.


The great thing with the 07361 as opposed to the #64ST you can take shots anywhere in between these two pics using just the supplied eyepieces by changing eyepiece and adjusting the projection. Using a 3 times barlow allows larger projection.

To view further details including prices of camera adapters for the ETX70 and other scopes try the Photography section of the accessories list

I've made an adapter for the Meade 07361 Variable Projection Camera adapter to allow it to be used with the Meade LPI you can view details HERE

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