Home Made Piggyback Camera Mount

A quick solution to allow a standard camera to track using the ETX70.

Uses only 2 pieces of wood, some glue and a suitable screw for the camera base. The design could easily be improved ... one day! In it's simple form however it serves it's purpose.

The main board is 4mm MDF board while the support block (curved to match the scope) is a thin block of pine. The weight of the camera is distributed onto the scope shell, the top of the forks and the lower lip of the eyepiece holder.

If done properly the whole thing "snaps" into position under the eyepiece holder lip - onto the fork mount and then to the support block. Unless the scope is pointed down to the ground movement is minimal. If desired it could be altered to have support behind the eyepiece holder as well which would stop all movement even when pointing down at the ground.

This project serves as a good starting point for further development - I like the ease at which it can be slotted off and on as required.
Note that the support block should be positioned far enough back so as not to interfere with the movement of the front lens when focusing.

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